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Pricing information for single and corporate memberships are provided below.

The GRC membership is open to any person, organization, agency, or company. Membership advantage include access to:

  • Helping to foster the geothermal community
  • Support of GRC sponsored events and networking
  • Discounts at the Annual Meeting & Expo and other GRC events
  • Access to the Policy Committee
  • The GRC Bulletin Magazine (bi-monthly)
  • Support for online and email news
  • World's largest online and onsite geothermal library
  • International Geothermal Association (IGA) membership
  • Access to Membership Directory and Yellow Pages
  • Discount on advertising in GRC publications
  • Contributions and Requests for Foundation Funds

Types of GRC Membership:

Single Memberships

  • Individual
    New Tier Pricing For 2020!*
    Tier 1: $130
    Tier 2: $78
    Tier 3: $39

  • Student (student Id with a valid date or class schedule required) $20

  • Retired (must be retired and 65 years of age or older)
    New Tier Pricing For 2020!*
    Tier 1: $65 
    Tier 2: $39 
    Tier 3: $20

  • Benefactor $230

Note*: The Tier Pricing structure for Individual and Retired memberships are based on the current World Bank classification. To find out if the country you reside in qualifies for a discounted rate, please click on the below button. All countries not listed in the document are consider Tier 1.

2020 Tier Pricing

Corporate Memberships*

  • Company (up to five representative memberships) $650

  • Supporting (up to eleven representative memberships) $1,300

  • Sustaining (up to twenty representative memberships) $2,275

  • Patron (up to thirty representative memberships) $3,250

  • *Each representative can vote in the GRC Board of Directors elections** and will receive access to the GRC online library, the GRC Bulletin, the Membership Roster and Registry of Geothermal Services & Equipment, weekly email newsletter, updates on the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo, and information on any upcoming GRC workshops.

    **Each corporate representative will have the same voting rights as an individual membership - One vote for each rep regardless of whether or not the corporation/organization has maxed out of the number of reps for the corporate level purchased. An actual person employed by the company must be designated as a rep in order to vote. The corporation/organization can delete, add, or switch a rep at any point during the year, but the person must have been designated as a rep with the GRC for at least 2 months before an election to be able to vote.

    For corporate memberships questions, please contact Dana Groves at or (856) 642-4434. 

    By purchasing a GRC membership or adding your personal data to the GRC database for the use of the GRC websites, and/or to receive communications of our newsletters, emails announcements, etc., you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the GRC Privacy Policy. For a copy of the Privacy Policy to be emailed or mailed to, please contact the GRC office.

Individuals actively employed in the geothermal industry.
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Individuals who want to give extraordinary support to the GRC.
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Individuals aged 65 years or older, retired.
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Individuals with current ID card from accredited institution.
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